Paul Robertson

Paul Robertson also works as an international curator having overseen a number of major shows in Boston, Miami, Mexico City and Philadelphia during 2014/2015 as well as curating or overseeing nearly 200 solo or group exhibitions at Summerhall, Edinburgh during his award winning leading role as curator there during the period August 2012 – August 2015. Shows by artists included Gregor Schneider, Susan Hiller, Faile, Carolee Schneemann, Lawrence Weiner, Fiona Banner, Michael Nyman, Claude Closkey, Jonathan Monk and Agnieszka Polska amongst others.


Working with composer Michael Nyman, Robertson has toured the astonishing NYman with a Movie Camera installation which premiered in its current form in Edinburgh and will soon be shown In Poland, Turkey and France following its recent run in the USA.


Other exhibitions have included a major show of vintage works from the conceptual art group Art & Language (Robertson having written the 2013 book “ART & LANGUAGE: INDEXES AND RELATED WORK”) and exhibitions of emerging Scottish artists abroad.


Robertson is available as a curatorial advisor for British and other exhibitions abroad. Email for any enquiries.