Gregor Schneider

27th September – 20th December 2019

The German artist and past winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennalle in 2001will be presenting four films of his recent architectural works at Lust and the Apple from September 27th 2019 until December the 20th 2019. The films have not been shown in the UK before and is the artist’s second only exhibition in Scotland since the huge success of Susser Duft (Edinburgh) in 2016 which was also curated by Paul Robertson of LATA. 

The films display the inner life of buildings which adapted by Schneider to seem disquieting or to show his life as a seemingly alienated inhabitant of the same rooms. 

One film shows Schneider’s large scale modification of the Nazi war criminal Joseph Goebbels’s childhood house in Monchengladbach Rheydt (Schneider’s home town) which the artist purchased (in part to stop neo-Nazis from buying the house) and created an astonishing yet simple anti-facist artwork out of the building.