MAY 2015 – JULY 2015

For Leibowitz’s first ever exhibition in the UK, the artist noted that he was “happy to be that much closer to his love of Scottish tartans and salmon”.


The show entirely consisted of football scarves carrying texts by the artist in a minimal / maximal installation. Of course the work was tastefully/vulgar depending on who was looking at it and who they were standing next to.


In the early 1990s, Leibowitz, who then sometimes went by the name “Candy Ass,” was a major proponent of the so-called “Loser Art” aesthetic – a seemingly self-doubting movement of artists wishing to undermine the higher values of the traditional art-world and reflect the day to day angst and alienation of most people in the 21st century. The inspiration for his work is often fuelled by his Jewish identity and openly queer lifestyle. A truly original American artist.


The limited edition scarves are available for purchase at £45 each.