Provocative, Just Not In The Way You’d Like Me To Be

Lucy Lamort

29th March – 17th May 2019 

Lucy Lamort (born Edinburgh of French and Scottish extraction) wants people who don’t necessarily care about art to relate to her work.


“People have short attention spans and sometimes guring out the deeper meaning behind something concrete doesn’t appeal to them. It certainly doesn’t appeal to me. I want to make art that is eye catching, simple and speaks to people. Almost literally speaks to them. So I make slogans. I tell people exactly what I am feeling and then create videos as evidence to back up them up and ensure they are seen as valid. My work is no longer an exhibition of artistic works; it is a trial, a presentation of facts and evidence presented to a jury. I just add a bit more colour to the whole thing.”


For Lamort’s installation in the garden at Lust and The Apple she created 10 new works in plastic each partly buried in the ground but showing brightly coloured against the grass. The texts were provocative and challenging.