Goodnight, Vienna

Matthew Barnes

March 2019 – May 2019

Sometimes perimeter and sometimes gateway, Matthew Barnes’ images often dance with found sculptural forms. By sur ng through the memories of architecture and places once travelled the results begin to investigate the penumbral spaces that chance can produce.


Unintentionally these compositions might contain a void or emit a positive that would clarify or abstract the situation. Whether abstract or representational the work references how we all pass through different spaces and how that experience is recorded. The mixture between an individual’s memories and these new images creates an unique narrative in each person’s mind, which again is then led away for reinterpretation at a later date.


Glasgow-based Barnes engages with the urban environment to investigate the spaces we occupy, how we t within them or are forced from them. His images aim to isolate and promote the sculptural forms that are ever present in new and old infrastructure. They evoke memories of architecture and places once travelled and ultimately analyse how infrastructure leads the development of the modern world.